A Visit to Dallas

Dallas, Texas is a wonderful place to be and I got the chance to visit during my cousin’s tenth wedding anniversary.

Since they already had the in-laws and everybody else fully boarded in their home in Plano at a friend’s rental, I elected to stay in the city, or as they call “Dallas Proper.” I have no regrets because I got just what I asked for which was an exciting weekend out.

I stayed at The Dallas Hotel, Club & Spa and believe me; you would prefer this to any relatives place. Actually, it had been a while since travelling out of town for the weekend and this was just what I needed, a breath of fresh air.

After the anniversary celebrations, which were coincidentally staged at the hotel, I spent the following day relaxing at the spa and getting a massage. It was an awesome experience with wonderful service. Needless to say, the food was out of this world.

It’s been a while since I did this sort of thing but I am looking forward to going back to the same place because of the experience I had there over the weekend.

training for work software

There was a trainer at work today. We took that QuickBooks training I mentioned. You know, the accounting software.

My boss found these QuickBooks training videos and had our team review them and an Excel training course for spreadsheets. They had a group deal from their QuickBooks training center that included seminars and all of the materials.

Discount Fling

We bought one pair of New Balance shoes and a brand new electric powered garage heater. We are cutting back for that television and I really want a new wrist watch.